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Magento eCommerce system and its advantages

Magento is an open source ecommerce solution. It comes with a variety of tools, necessarily for building a successful online shop. Magento offers a lot of built-in capabilities, such as promo pricing and coupon codes, detailed statistics, and SEO options. ezeelive (php develoeprs mumbai) provide best ecommerce web portal using magento. There below some advantage features of magento which make its best over other ecommerce systems. Site Management : Control multiple websites and stores from one Administration Panel with ability [...]

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Advantages of Php scripting language

Php developers mumbai (ezeelive technologies) provides best Online Php application, Web portal, Dynamic website etc. Php has many advantages over .net, Java, coldfusion and other. There is some mail Features of Php scripting language : Open Source :- PHP is an open source language and is freely available for use. The community of open source PHP developers provides technical support and is constantly improving updating the core PHP functionalities. The PHP Extension and Application Repository system provides and maintains a library of [...]

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Adantages of jQuery

What is jQuery? JQuery is the most outstanding cross-browser javascript library compiled for the ease of client-side scripting of html. To make it short, it’s a “ready to use” javascript library that has many visual functions such as popular ease-in, ease-out effects. Because jQuery has tons of impressive effects, it is often used by web designers to make their designs much lovable and more elegant. Why use jQuery? Web designers may have encounter difficulties on their concepts of web designing. They might [...]

Epic : India First Web Browser

An Indian company Hidden Reflex based in Bangalore has launched India’s first ever web browser ‘Epic’. The Epic web browser is based on Mozilla platform and is claimed to be the first antivirus browser. Epic web browser supports a sidebar that allows creating documents in 12 regional Indian languages. Users can access latest national and regional news from popular publications and television channels, videos, stock quotes, live cricket scores, top music albums and local events. Epic comes preinstalled with applications like facebook, [...]