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Install Zend Framework in Wamp

Zend Framework is an open source, object oriented web application framework build for enterprises and high level web application development. Zend Framework(ZF) provided bunch of libraries which is helping developer in web development. ZF is little hard to install and understand for beginner(freshers) specially who are working first time in any framework specially zend framework 2 installation.There is many website who are providing step to install zend framework in windows machine but personally they haven't put installation step very clearly [...]

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Web Designers Company in India

As recorded in history, it was in 1990s when the world first understood the requirement of a creative website; though countries like USA, UK, Germany, Japan, and South Korea initiated the mean with efficiency. It was much later when Web Designers Company in India emerged to take on the market with a brisk of positivity! The world today we are living in is a complete different phase of reality that existed some 200 years ago. In fact, 2014 is certainly [...]

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Web Developer in India

With the advent of IT and internet, the world became a safe place to trade. Its effective applications showed us the path which should be initiated in making business transaction look simple and clear. The companies stress while aiming to reach their services/ products is that they pay special attention in maintaining updated website for their company. Website Developers proves to be the fitting guy for mentioned the job role! We are living in a world dominated by internet which [...]

microsoft sql server with mysql in yii-framework - ezeelive technologies

How to Use Two Database in Yii PHP Framework

Recently in one of Ireland based project client has requirement to use existing Microsoft SQL Server database and implement new feature and store data into MySQL database with Yii Framework along with multiple database connection. Ezeelive Technologies developer has code changes in yii framework and setup option to use two database in yii php framework. First we have install and implement microsoft sql server driver in wamp server to make in localhost environment. Now we have to connect both the [...]

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Install Microsoft SQL Server Driver with WAMP

Install Microsoft SQL Server Driver with WAMP - Most of PHP developer very much familiar with MySQL Database but We talk about Microsoft SQL Server we find lack for knowledge on PHP with SQL Server even on the google and official website. Even the hosting company provide Pre-installed PHP and MySQL on the Server. Here some explicit instructions for install Microsoft SQLServ Driver in WAMP 32bit with PHP 5.3 : 1. Open for Download Microsoft SQLServ PHP Driver 2. [...]

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Website design company in india

Research the internet, market and find out about the credibility of the company you are planning to hire for. Don’t get week over their tags that claim to be the leading Website Design Company in India (Ezeelive Technologies), but find out means in establishing the reality. Every company wanting to strive in modern day market needs to get on to the online aisle along with the successful implementation of pre strategized blue print. No company would survive unless the [...]

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Custom export into excel in Yii Framework

Hello Friend, In one my project developed in yii. I was struggling to export the cgridview data into excel. I searched many plugin and read the tutorial. But not get proper solution specially with relational data from one or many models (database tables). I try eexcelview, toexcel etc. yii plugin but it was really slow specially on large data fetch and also not getting proper excel format. After spending some time, i planed to write my own custom export in [...]

website development company in mumbai india - ezeelive technologies

Website development company in india

The Website Development Company in India (Ezeelive Technologies) has the best web developers whose creative uniqueness help you get the requirement of your desire and usher you to boost your business prospect! We are living in a world dominated by computers as from being in elementary school to IT industry; its dominance is ever felt to every sphere of human integration. Life without this device certainly leaves us with a void irreplaceable to the best outputs. Internet has added [...]