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Why Choose Drupal (Content Management System) for Your Website?

Drupal helps you add, manage, change, and update content on your website. Drupal modules give the edge to this CMS. You can customize them in accordance to the needs of your website. But for that you need to be absolutely clear about what your website needs. So if your website facilitates online transactions or helps you harness the power of social media marketing, then there are Drupal modules to serve these objectives. Drupal has almost become indispensable in the development of [...]

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Yii PHP Framework the first choice for development

Ezeelive Technologies is leading Yii Framework Development Company in India. We have expert team in core php and frameworks e.g. Zend, CakePhp, CodeIgnator (CI), Symphony, Kohana and from last 3 year we are using Yii Framework. Now We are prefering using Yii framework in Major development work. Checkout below reason why Yii Framework is our First Choice in development : 1. The first and major advantages is Yii has Web GUI based GII module for generate module, model, controller and views 2. [...]

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Create custom params file in yii framework

Yii framework is come with powerful inbuild features eg. 1. Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern 2. Database Access Objects (DAO) 3. Custom Query Builder, Active Record (AR) and DB Migration 4. Form input and validation 5. AJAX-enabled widgets 6. Authentication and authorization 7. Layout Skinning and theming 8. Web services 9. Internationalization (I18N) and localization (L10N) 10. Layered caching scheme 11. Error handling and logging 12. Security 13. Unit and functionality testing 14. Automatic code generation (Gii Module) 15. Friendly with third-party code 16. Detailed documentation 17. Extension library etc. Most of yii beginner write parameter in main.php [...]

FACEBOOK – Why is it an addiction?

Have you anytime thought to yourself that why do you go to facebook again and again and is it actually for you? Why is it that people from all generation are on facebook making it the most popular website and a sudden-everywhere social networking portal. Here are the few reasons that makes facebook addictive to you , me and everybody else. 1. Simple yet smart design: The interface of facebook has made it one of most user friendly website. It is [...]

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Hire PHP Developer in India

Each and every day in India, there is thousands of website getting registered with the domain service clearly aiming that internet is becoming the new market place. With time, more and more companies are adapting for online sales model. Not in much time, the presence of the business would demand its online presence for existence. This gives us a clear picture of the demand of websites and obviously website developers. PHP - Open Source Technology As we know that PHP is an [...]

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Starting a new Website?? First know what WORDPRESS is

Wordpress is one of the most widely used platform to create websites, blogs, complex portals, enterprise websites and even applications. 17% of the web today is powered by wordpress and this figure is growing day by day. Wordpress provides all coding facilities to the developer yet its simplicity makes it easy for the average users and publishers. It has speed and gives a great user experience. Wordpress is a powerful semantic publishing platform and comes with a great set of features [...]