Advantages of Php scripting language

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Advantages of Php scripting language

Php developers mumbai (ezeelive technologies) provides best Online Php application, Web portal, Dynamic website etc. Php has many advantages over .net, Java, coldfusion and other. There is some mail Features of Php scripting language :

Open Source :-

PHP is an open source language and is freely available for use. The community of open source PHP developers provides technical support and is constantly improving updating the core PHP functionalities. The PHP Extension and Application Repository system provides and maintains a library of PHP code packages that are available for use. The packages can include functions such as authentication, caching, destructors, encryption, error handling etc.

Compatability :-

PHP provides high compatibility with leading operating systems and web servers such as thereby enabling it to be easily deployed across several different platforms.

File Handling :-

PHP be used to read text and generate files in various formats such as PDF and XML. Using the file manipulation functions, files and documents can be uploaded and stored on the server. The uploaded documents can be accessed and manipulated through PHP code. PHP can be used to access flat files and perform basic file and directory maintenance tasks thereby enabling files/documents to be edited remotely.

Improved Performance :-

The PHP complier includes features to optimize and improve the quality of compiled code by reducing the size execution time of the code thereby leading to improved performance. The compiled PHP code can be cached using various PHP accelerators such as xcache, eAccelerator etc thereby reducing time spent in parsing and compiling the code every time.

Debuggers :-

Several debuggers are available with PHP enabling developers to identify and analyze the code for potential bugs and bottlenecks.

Sessions :-

PHP provides extensive session and cookie management features and functions enabling the creation and development of personalized web pages.

Graphics :-

PHP can be used to generate images and graphics dynamically. Using the image functionalities available with PHP, the header information of images an be accessed and manipulated. The GD library of PHP includes a host of features and functionalities that can be used to create images in various formats such as gif, jpeg and png.

Extensible :-

The source code of PHP can be modified to include custom created extensions and components thereby increasing its extensibility.

In conclution PHP offers many levels of security to prevent malicious attacks. These security levels can be adjusted in the .ini file.Another key advantage of PHP is its connective abilities. PHP uses a modular system of extensions to interface with a variety of libraries such as graphics, XML, encryption, etc. In addition, programmers can extend PHP by writing their own extensions and compiling them into the executable or they can create their own executable and load it using PHP’s dynamic loading mechanism.

In addition to extensions, PHP has tons of server interfaces, database interfaces and other modules available. Of the server interfaces, PHP can load into Apache, IIS, Roxen, THTTPD and AOLserver. It can also be run as a CGI module. Database interfaces are available for MySQL, MS SQL, Informix, Oracle and plenty of others. If a database is not supported, ODBC is an option.

The main PHP source repository is loaded with modules and interfaces that users have written and contributed. There you can find modules for flash movies, PDF files, calendars and more.

A huge advantage that PHP offers is its community. Since PHP is an open source project, the PHP community is willing to share. If you’re looking for a particular script, chances are another user has already created something similar. Check within the PHP community for availability. Likewise, if you have created a function that others might enjoy, be sure to post the code for others.

If you’re ready to add dynamic content to your webpages, consider the use of PHP. It’s free, easy to learn (especially if you have some programming background) and integrates well across many platforms and with various software programs. For Php development for any types of applications or portals you can contact us on

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