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Recruitment and Job Portal Website Development India

The biggest curse for our country Unemployment has always been an issue of concern in India. It has always haunted the youth of the country. Even for the Government, this is the most crucial problem. A number of Governments have come into reign but none has been able to help the country get rid of this monster. But since past few years there has been a considerable change in the situation of the country in terms of employment opportunities. How and [...]

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CS Cart development company in India

Importance of CS cart development company in India All if we know the importance of installing the software of shopping cart on the website of our e commerce. The CS Cart eCommerce system is one of the most renowned and most used shopping Cart. Open sources, easy and free to utilize are the unique features. This popular cart development company develops portal for shopping as well as cart for shopping for websites which are related to the services and products. [...]

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Why Choose Drupal (Content Management System) for Your Website?

Drupal helps you add, manage, change, and update content on your website. Drupal modules give the edge to this CMS. You can customize them in accordance to the needs of your website. But for that you need to be absolutely clear about what your website needs. So if your website facilitates online transactions or helps you harness the power of social media marketing, then there are Drupal modules to serve these objectives. Drupal has almost become indispensable in the development of [...]

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Hire PHP Developer in India

Each and every day in India, there is thousands of website getting registered with the domain service clearly aiming that internet is becoming the new market place. With time, more and more companies are adapting for online sales model. Not in much time, the presence of the business would demand its online presence for existence. This gives us a clear picture of the demand of websites and obviously website developers. PHP - Open Source Technology As we know that PHP is an [...]

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Starting a new Website?? First know what WORDPRESS is

Wordpress is one of the most widely used platform to create websites, blogs, complex portals, enterprise websites and even applications. 17% of the web today is powered by wordpress and this figure is growing day by day. Wordpress provides all coding facilities to the developer yet its simplicity makes it easy for the average users and publishers. It has speed and gives a great user experience. Wordpress is a powerful semantic publishing platform and comes with a great set of features [...]

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Install Zend Framework in Wamp

Zend Framework is an open source, object oriented web application framework build for enterprises and high level web application development. Zend Framework(ZF) provided bunch of libraries which is helping developer in web development. ZF is little hard to install and understand for beginner(freshers) specially who are working first time in any framework specially zend framework 2 installation.There is many website who are providing step to install zend framework in windows machine but personally they haven't put installation step very clearly [...]

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Web Developer in India

With the advent of IT and internet, the world became a safe place to trade. Its effective applications showed us the path which should be initiated in making business transaction look simple and clear. The companies stress while aiming to reach their services/ products is that they pay special attention in maintaining updated website for their company. Website Developers proves to be the fitting guy for mentioned the job role! We are living in a world dominated by internet which [...]

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Website design company in india

Research the internet, market and find out about the credibility of the company you are planning to hire for. Don’t get week over their tags that claim to be the leading Website Design Company in India (Ezeelive Technologies), but find out means in establishing the reality. Every company wanting to strive in modern day market needs to get on to the online aisle along with the successful implementation of pre strategized blue print. No company would survive unless the [...]

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Website development company in india

The Website Development Company in India (Ezeelive Technologies) has the best web developers whose creative uniqueness help you get the requirement of your desire and usher you to boost your business prospect! We are living in a world dominated by computers as from being in elementary school to IT industry; its dominance is ever felt to every sphere of human integration. Life without this device certainly leaves us with a void irreplaceable to the best outputs. Internet has added [...]

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Web development company in india

Choose the best and capable web development company in India for making your website initiate maximum boom to your business prospect. Every business organization aiming to soar high in market amidst the stiff competition must take care while they plan to go in for online route. Getting online is an act of the wise. The reasons are pretty simple and clear as taking the desired route enhances business reach and incline you to the path of success. The Website [...]