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Best PHP Framework for 2015

Best 20 PHP Framework for 2015

Wish You Happy New Year 2015...!! PHP is more famous Website Development Technologies among Web Programmers. More than 50% Website or Web Application using or developed in PHP. Framework is really help in development as compare core development, framework provides every web developer base skeleton or foundation for build strong web application. Every Framework has own Advantages and Disadvantages based on its feature and coding method. In this post we are trying to briefly most famous PHP Framework based on easy [...]

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Advantages of Kohana PHP Framework

Kohana PHP Framework is a open source, object oriented MVC web development framework built using a PHP5. Kohana is licensed under BSD so you can use this open source framework by extending its features to develop your professional or personal website. Kohana is considered as a strong MVC framework after the Codeigniter. This framework was made by some group of developer so it must having the some features also which will overcome to other frameworks available so let’s come [...]