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Ecommerce Website Development in Mumbai

Electronic Commerce, generally referred as eCommerce, is one of the fastest growing technologies. It helps massively in increasing sales. The eCommerce websites are mainly built for commercial purpose and it reaches all the places where your stores cannot reach. It makes purchase easy for customers as it can be accessed from anywhere over Internet and helps you to deliver the…

Website Designers Company in India

Website designing is a necessary service that every business seeks today. With the advent of Internet, every business uses a website of its own to sky rocket its profit; to reach its target customers in an easier way. Here comes the need for the website designers. At website designer’s company in India, they assist a company in creating a website of their own and…

Why choose web designing company in India

The advent of Internet

What comes to your mind when you develop a doubt? ‘I shall Google it’. Yes! ‘Google’ is the word! This is the effect Internet has come to have on our daily lives and choices.
No doubt shall go unsolved, no discovery must remain unknown and nothing one needs shall ever be unavailable if one has an Internet access.

Hire Web Developer in India

What is an online presence?
To create an astounding online presence, every company today has a website (or is willing to have) of its own. For the purpose, it hires a website developer who looks into all the tasks right from the conceptualisation of the idea for the website to the final product.
Why is an online presence important?
The online presence benefits…

MySQL – finding values in comma seperated string

MySQL is very strong, popular database stytem using for mainly in PHP MySQL web development solution. In web application development sometime developer store data in comma(,) or pipe (|) etc formats. Finding value(s) from comma seperate MySQl has REGEXP (Regular Express) function. Use this function developer can search or filer one or multiple string value in your field data. Given…

PHP Development India

PHP website development has become a service that every company seeks today. Reliable and experienced PHP application development platform is a must for every company that wishes to create an online presence. Thus at ezeelive.com, we provide PHP development services and PHP web application development services to the best of our potential at the best of prices.
Why PHP Website Development?

How magento helps to increase ecommerce business

Magento is one of famous, well known, major accepted php ecommerce system in india. Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce platform solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the functionality of their websites. Magento’s customer, catalog management, order management, Checkout, Payment, Shipping and Analytics and Reporting tools for help to increase ecommerce business.

1. Magento has SEO section where you…

Comparison between Magento and X Cart eCommerce System

Recently we (Ezeelive Technologies) have group discussion meeting with Desiging Team and Ecommerce Development Team on Magento and X-Cart workflow, development, design implementation, development custom modules, integration custom responsive design, handling database object and integrate third party api etc. We found there is major difference in feature wise both the php ecommerce system magento and x-cart. Please check here the…

Website Developer in India

Hire the best Website developer in India to get the most effective website
When you are deciding to hire a website development company (ezeelive technologies) to carry out the functionality of your site, reliability and stability are the most important factor. You must approach a company who has earned reputation in delivering seamless and affordable solutions to clients. Now the question…